past lives

1.10(SAT)"broken words refuse me” release tour 2014-2015"


w:/ jamming O.P./ SZKN(静カニ潜ム日々) / sector / THE SOLITUBE / and more

1.Red:Blue 2.街灯 3.Fray 4.Sydrome 5.Wednesday

12.23(THU)"Brian the sun Tour 2014-2015 Brian the 燦々"


w:/ Brian the Sun/ 感覚ピエロ/ ジラフポット/ コンテンポラリーな生

1.街灯 2.Fray 3.Red:Blue 4.SomethingLikeThat 5.Wednesday

11.3(mon)"∞音結び∞ 9結び目"


w:/ 新世界リチウム(東京) /told(東京) /裸体(大阪) /My Hair is Bad(上越) /ゆれる(Japan)

1.A Slumber 2.Red;Blue 3.新曲 4.Fray 5.Syndrome 6.Wednesday

9.21(sun)"ホチコPresents ATELIER"


w:/カナタ/the kitty cat swinger's club/KEESHKAS soundservice/The sunny/Teenagers in love

1.Red;Blue 2.Syndrome 3.新曲 4.Fray 5.Conflict 6.Wednesday

8.30(sat)"エイミPresents 繋ぎたい音と君と vol.3"


w:/ deid(東京) / 24hour party time(横浜) / null++(横浜)


1.Red;Blue 2.Fray 3.Syndrome 4.A Slumber 5.Something Like That 6.Wednesday

7.21(mon)"Stylish Fellows 【ビレッジマンズストア2nd Mini Album「刃の上を君と行く」Releas Tour】"


w:/ ビレッジマンズストア / THE NAMPA BOYS / RED JETS / Banana Pheromones / pink’pubic

1.Chronic 2.Disorder 3.Fray 4.Something Like That 5.Red;Blue 6.Wednesday

6.14(sat)"tone 1st mini Album "Green Echoes" Release Party"


w:/イマイユウヤ /fornow /JUST FEEL SEABREEZE FOR THE SKIN /tabasco cooking club /tone

1.Red;Blue 2.Fray 3.Conflict 4.Fall In Drops Onto Dried Soil 5.Something Like That 6.Wednesday
5.25(sun)"CLUB RIVERST 6th Anniversary【Stylish FellowS×neco】"

w:/neco /SCARLET /Up dripper /UNCOVER SPACE /グラス★ホッパー

1.Syndrome 2.Wednesday 3.Fall In Drops Onto Dried Soil 4.Disorder 5.Red;Blue 6.1990

w:/3markets(株)(埼玉) /砂場(長野) /長谷川翔太(三条) /PECO(三条)

1.A Slumber 2.Red;Blue 3.Disorder 4.Chronic 5.Fray 6.Something Like That


1.Fray 2.Conflict 3.1990 4.(新曲) 5.Red;Blue 6.Something Like That
3.1(sat)"@Golden Pigs BlackStage"


w:/In 197666 /惑星アブノーマル /the sunny /Sunday chips

1.Fray 2.Conflict 3.Disorder 4.(新曲) 5.Red;Blue 6.Something Like That
2.1(sat)"Stylish FellowS"


 w:/ neco / アメニ / tone / Black Russian / Banana Pheromones

1.A Slumber 2.Red Blue 3.(新曲) 4.Conflict 5.Fray 6.Something Like That

1.26(sat)"MIX THE VIVE!"


[Act] KEESHKAS soundservice /for now /ether osc /teller /THE WANTAROSS

[Lounge] 渋谷 孝政 /永井 大陽&小松 宏平 /間瀬 啓介 /tactics

 1.white schedule(ABSTRACT MASH Cover) 2.(新曲) 3.Something Like That

12.21(sat)"A fulcrum vol.24"


 w:/KEESHKAS soundservice /the hills /haikarahakuti /Little Miss Sunshine

 1.Fray 2.Conflict 3.Something Like That 4.A Slumber 5.Red;Blue(新曲) 6.1990

11.27(wed)"Stylish FellowS【Brian the Sun「NONSUGAR」Release Tour】"


 w:/Brian the Sun /Close Application /午前四時、朝焼けにツキ

1.Chronic 2.Fray 3.Syndrome 4.A Slumber 5.Red;Blue(新曲) 6.1990

11.16(sat) "UNCOVER SPACE "HUMAN e.p release tour Final""


1.Disorder 2.Conflict  3.Red Blue(新曲) 4.A Slumber 5.Something Like That 6.Fray

10.26,27(sat,sun) "∞音結び×Stylish FellowS∞"
w:/AJISAI /winnie /QOOLAND /RythmicToyWold /TurkishVan /午前四時、朝焼けにツキ

1.Disorder 2.Permanent Illusion  3.Something Like That 4.Conflict 5.Fray 6.1990

2013.10.6(sun) "内野マルシェ(永井大陽 小松宏平 From WITHERCRACK)"

1.Conflict 2.Disorder  3.A slumber

※この時演奏出来なかった4曲目をYouTubeにアップロード致しました→Something Like That ~Acoustic ver~

2013.9.29(sun) "CHECKMATE U-23"@NIIGATA LOTS

1.Session 2.1990  3.Chronic 4.Fray 5.Syndrome 6.Conflict 7.Something Like That

2013.9.15(sun) "Brandel "Awake Tour""

Brandel(東京) / Gnashtone / Born Again Dogs(富山) / Brandel / NORTHTED WORKS / アンダーカーニバル / WITHERCRACK / compas

1.Conflict 2.fray 3.Chronic 4.A slumber 5.Syndrome 6.1990

2013.9.6(wed) "「衝撃のフェアリーZ」~フェアリーがやらねば誰がやる!!!編~"

柿澤秀吉(秀吉) /カネダユウジ(UNCOVER SPACE) /たかのふみや(chick) /永井大陽(WITHERCRACK) /コバヤシタクロー(Supporting Your Smile) /さいとうひろや (Banana Pheromones) /エンドウリュウタ(noum) /(OA)サンダンバラとアコギ

1.Conflict 2.fray 3.Ghost in the rain(the HIATUS cover)4.Syndrome 5.Something Like That

2013.8.4(sun) ”新潟CLUBRIVERST ×長野LIVEHOUSE J 【D.I.C.E vol.8】”

cube /FIGHT FOR YOUR PLANET /WITHERCRACK /shaftlong /BLUE PARADOGS /the ivory chairs / 古川雅人


1.Conflict 2.fray 3.A Slumber 4.Syndrome 5.Something Like That

2013.7.24(wed) The Sunny presents 【TOUCH YOU】& my way my love new album "The Fact Is"レコ発

The Sunny /my way my love /the eggplants / しょしょ /WITHERCRACK


1.Syndrome 2.Conflict 3.A Slumber 4.Permanent Illusion 5.Disorder 6.1990

2013.7.15(mon) ”新潟CLUBRIVERST ×長野LIVEHOUSE J 【D.I.C.E vol.8】”

cube /FIGHT FOR YOUR PLANET /WITHERCRACK /KEESHKAS sounddervice /BLUE PARADOGS /the ivory chairs / 古川雅人


1.A Slumber 2.fray 3.Disorder 4.Permanent Illusion 5.Conflict 6.1990

2013.7.3(sun) 汗ダク!道産子魂! 



1.1990 2.Conflict 3.fray 4.Something like that

2013.6.16(sun) ∞音結び∞8結び目~HAPPY WEDDING~

ソライアオ(小田原)/Rhythmic Toy World(東京)/WITHERCRACK(新潟)/ソシヲドラマ(新潟)/グラス★ホッパー(新潟) /pink'pubic

1.Conflict 2.Illusion(新曲) 3.syndrome 4.fray 5.A Slumber 6.1990(新曲)

 2013.6.11(tue) BYEE the ROUND “GOOD BYEE TO YOU”Release Tour~俺ら結構良いんじゃね?ツアー~対バン編

BYEE the ROUND /The Chrono HEAD /Large House Satisfaction /WITHERCRACK

1.Conflict 2.chronic 3.fray 4.syndrome 5.A Slumber 6.1990(新曲)

 2013.6.1(sat) my past experience vol.7

MIDNIGHT PARADE/PLAY DEAD SEASON(東京)/the north end(東京)/a picture of her(東京)/静カニ潜ム日々(横浜)/kitten(東京)/しょしょ(新潟)

1.fray 2.(新曲) 3.A slumber 4.syndrome 5.conflict